The Raven Cycle

Books, books and more books! I’m back with a new series of books that you all should read… And this time the chosen ones were The Raven Cycle books writen by Maggie Stiefvater. This series is made up by four books: The Raven Boys; The Dream Thieves; Blue Lily, Lily Blue; and The Raven King.


The plot focus on the story of Blue Sargent, Richard Gansey III, Ronan Lynch and Adam Parrish and their quest to find a long lost sleeping Welsh king called Glendower. Gansey started his quest after he was killed by hornets, which he is fatally allergic to, seven years before. As he was dying, a voice told him that Glendower would let him live because someone else was dying on the ley line when they shouldn’t. So they embarked on this journey together, but there are a few catches… For starters they’re from different worlds.

Blue is the only non-psychic member of a family full of psychics and she has a course over her head… If she kisses her true love, they will die. She never thought this would be a real problem until she sees a boy emerge from the dark and speak to her on the dead walk past. This boy is called Gansey, a rich student at Aglionby, the local private school who is involved in one of the biggest quests known to men. Then there are Gansey’s Raven Boys: Adam, a scholarship student who resents the privilege that surrounds him; Ronan, the fierce boy whose emotions range from anger to despair and is keeping a big secret from his friends; and Noah, the quiet watcher who notices everything that happens around him.

Although Blue promised herself never to get involved with the Aglionby boys, she takes a chance on these boys and helps them in their quest to find the King that can give them a favour. Along the way these kids become a family, grow up together and learn to love each other with their qualities and flaws.

I had heard mixed reviews when I decided to read this series… There were people that loved the books, others that didn’t liked it much and others that liked, but had some trouble reading the first books. Well, i fit myself in the 3rd category… The 1st book took me way to long to read and I don’t even know why. But then after the middle of the 2nd one, I was more quick and the story really gained so much interest to me. I really liked the magic, dreams and psychic aspects of the books, but mostly I fell in love with these characters and how they related with each other.

tumblr_ngffvsJQcC1r5z675o1_500I loved to see Blue and Gansey get over the things that separated them and just begin a tentive friendship that later envolved to something more. But then you have Ronan and Adam… They were always so different, but they found a common ground, something to keep them intertwined. These two went through things that only them could have handled, things that made them stronger as individuals, but also together. And finally you have poor, sweet Noah that sees everything and that everyone wants to protect fiercely. Honestly, it was beautiful to read the character development all of them went through!

But there were things that left me a little bit side-eyeing the books. There were some details especially on the last book that weren’t very obvious. In fact, too many threads of the story were left open. This is something i noticed in all the chapters before the epilogue… The story ended in a weird way to me, but then you had the epilogue which solved the mistery a bit for you. But then when you started the next book, you’d feel a little left out and that something was missing. I believe that for me the 4th book misses some details that would give you a little closer of some characters that were also important. For example, the Grey Man plot, Blue’s psychic family, but most importantly Cabeswater and Glendower. Too much to know, so little information about it!

Also just a funny thing I notice, the books were mostly writen from different points-of-view, but I think it’s safe to say that each book focus more in one character’s personal life. For example, and this is probably my personal opinion, but the 1st book focused on Adam’s, the 2nd one on Ronan’s, the 3rd one on Blue’s and the last book focus more on Gansey’s. I don’t know if others felt this way too, but it seems that Maggie high-lighted some aspects in each book connected more to a specific character. In fact, that all relates to the titles of each book. Am I projecting too much? I don’t know, but this is just something that made me think.

So that’s basically it… I hope you take my advice and read these books! You’ll have a bit of everything. Magic, dreams, psychics, love, hate, obsession and a purpose. It’s certaintly a nice read, so go for it 🙂