They’re back!

You know I love to listen to many new artists and different types of music… But I even love more when my favorite bands that haven’t release new music in a while come back to make me happy again! So in the middle of so many artists coming back, here are my absolute faves that released albums in the last few weeks.

Bastille – “Wild World”

rs-247208-rs-bastilleOnly formed in 2010, Bastille makes you feel like they’ve been around for forever. This is only their second studio album, but “Wild World” is on its way to become one of my personal favorites. Their first single was “Good Grief” and what a way to start the promotion of this album. With a big variety of sounds, this album still tastes like Bastille and the amazing work they did with their first studio album “Bad Blood”. Still a recent band, they have just a recognizable sound and that’s quite an achievement for a new band. “Send Them Off!” is one of my favorites and I like a line of it that goes like “set me free from my jealousy, won’t you exorcize my mind”. Clearly a band to listen for those of you that didn’t try it yet!

Sum 41 – “13 Voices”

sum-41-13-voices-artworkIt has been 5 years since Sum 41 grace us with a album studio… The wait was long, but it was so worth it! This is a band that has been around since 1996 and I listened to it a lot a few years ago. I love them very much, but I have to admit I only realised they had released a new album because a friend of mine warned me… Thank you because it was amazing to listen to them again! The first music  of their new album that was released was “Fake My Own Death”, but “War” was their first single. Both are amazing examples of their original sound, the first one a more alternative metal song and the second one a more punk rock song both with more angsty themes. It truly takes us back on a journey through their career and it was a good start for their come back!

Green Day – “Radio Revolution”

green-day-revolutionThey’ve been around as a band since 1986, but they haven’t release a studio album since 2012. So finally they’re back and with an absolutely amazing album, a personally favorite of mine! Last year they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so it really makes us think what is about to come this year and the next. The first single of the album was a song called “Bang Bang” that brings the band back to their songs with a more political and social meaning… Wait I’m lying, almost all their songs are like that! What I wanted to say was that with so much going on in terms of politics in America, now you have Green Day speaking up again! With the same vibes of American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, you’ll rock your socks out! Although, I have to give a shout out to an amazing song that is part of the album and it was originally wrote for a movie, “Ordinary World”. Billie Joe Armstrong is one of the main characters of the movie with the same name and he wrote this song. It’s a beautiful and lovely song and if you don’t cry with it, I don’t want to be associated with you! 😉

So here are three excellent suggestions of new albums to listen to! If you have more suggestions leave them in the comments… always looking for more music!



Top 5 covers :) – Part 2


So I’m back with this part of my blog… See? I told you I’d make this a regular thing because I thought of more covers. As I said the other time I listen to a lot of music and sometimes artists/bands make these sick covers of songs I love or songs I don’t like. The point is that they make them awesome!

Once again I’ll celebrate 5 more songs that are absolutely brilliant as covers! If I remember more songs I’ll do another post or if you want me to listen to some new/old covers, you can leave them on the comments!

Here we go again and this time the bands members are all guys, so this should be interesting… Please don’t judge me for some of these:
1. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Twenty One Pilots
I always stumble with this cover on tumblr and one day I pressed play. I was so surprised! I never heard such a sweet cover of this song by Elvis Presley. I played this song so many years in my orchestra, but this was just so sweet and simple with just an ukulele that I cried… Even  their voices are so pure in this song that it’s really worth a listening! After discovering this cover I decided to listen to the band and I really like them now.

2. Trap Queen – Ed Sheeran feat The Roots
As I said before I’m a big fan of Ed but I didn’t know this cover until yesterday! A friend of mine posted it on Facebook and I knew the song by Fetty Wap but didn’t like the rhythm. But Ed, as always, made it all better! I loved it the melody, the song… It sounds so much better with Ed’s voice and the instrumental made for it. I have to confess that I’m super addicted to it now.

3. Free Fallin – John Mayer
John Mayer is another of my favorites. I love his songs and the rocky edge some of his albums have! And I didn’t think it was possible to love him more, but I heard this cover of Free Fallin by Tom Petty… He covered this song on the live version of his album Where the Light is and it’s so pure! Just some guitars and he’s perfect voice… I melt everytime I listen to this, seriously!

4. King for a Day/Shout – Green Day
So Green Day is MY band! I grew up with them and they are the best live. This is a cover they always play at their shows since their live album Bullet in a Bible and as a person that witnessed this live I can’t tell you how much fun this song his! The band as an amazing energy and makes the fans go crazy. This is a mash-up of two songs King for a Day by them and Shout by The Isley Brothers! I know I’m cheating a little bit with this one but I had to put it in my list because together these songs are perfect.

5. Uptown Funk – Fall Out Boy
Once again a cover made on BBC Radio 1 – Live Lounge and an amazing one dare I say. Fall Out Boy is a band that I also grew up with and I love their sound on the popular song by Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars! It’s such an amazing mix between the sound of the original song and the sound that Fall Out Boy gave us since the start of their career. Brilliant cover that gave a little more rock to this song.

For this time these are my favorite covers and I have so many more to share with you, but if you have suggestions just leave them on the comments box 🙂

Music of the month: February

I know february ended a few days ago but I was a little busy so I couldn’t do this post sooner. Once again, and as I did last month, I’m gonna make a little review of new music/artists I heard last month. As last month, these bands two of these bands were suggested by friends: Twenty One Pilots and Counterfeit. The other was a band that I wanted to hear for a long time, Augustana.

To start in an alphabetic order, Augustana is going first… Harry Styles told me to check them out and well I had to do it! This american rock band has already released five albums and an EP. But they’re known for songs like Boston and Fire. Only Dan Layus currently remains on the band, but i really love their music. I like the chill rock and the sound of their music. And the lyrics are super awesome! Some of their songs are even part of soundtracks for tv shows, so that’s why for me some of their songs were recognizable. I’m sad that a lot of people don’t know them because they are really good, so go check them out!


Next up is Counterfeit… This is a new band english punk rock band formed only last year by actor Jamie Campbell Bower. He is the lead vocalist and guitarist but is also accompanied by Tristan Marmont (guitarist), Roland Johnson (bassist), Sam Bower (guitarist) and Jimmy Craig (drummer). Although they’re not signed yet, they have already toured internationally and their debut EP Come Get Some was released on November 2015. Their songs are really interesting and I really like their sound… It takes me back in time to my teenage years, and I’m very curious to what they’re going to do with a solid album. This is a band to look out for!


Lastly but not least there is Twenty One Pilots… This american musical duo was formed in 2009 and consists of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. They have released four albums, two self-released and the others released by Fueled. When you listen to them you can expect rock missed with rap and so many emotions that I can’t even tell you! Their songs are poetry-based and their fans labeled their sound as “Schizophrenic pop”. I was really curious about them because their fan base is really growing… I wanted to see if there was really something there! I was blown away… These two are really good and mix all these genres that make them more interesting to a new public. You can expect some piano, synthesizer, drums, vocals and, sometimes, even an ukulele. They deserve a listen!


Okay my little review is done… I hope you check all these bands out because they’re really good! If you have more suggestions to me, just leave them on the comments below 🙂

Clash of the celebs


The show is Lip Sync Battle… As host LL Cool J would say “This show is a music playground. Celebraties can let their hair down and be inspired by the songs and artists they love the most. You know what it is. You have seen it on TV… You have seen it online… You have seen it everywhere! The game is simple… Two stars lip sync two songs and the audience decides who did it best!”

The show debuted on the American cable network, Spike and it was a huge success. It’s produced by John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant and hosted by LL Cool J with the help of model Chrissy Teigen as a color commentator. Lip Sync Battle is really a spin-off of a bit introduced on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The idea for the show camed from an appearence Krasinski did on Late Night were they introduced the segment, that later Jimmy Fallon developed into a recurring segment on his show.

As you can guess the game is pretty simple… Two celebrities against each other in a lip syncing battle of two rounds. On the first round the stars only sing and dance, but on the second round they can go all out with costumes, dancers and musical guests! After these two rounds it’s the crowd that decides who the winner of the battle is.

The show is already on its second season with high rates. Actors, musicians, comedians, athletes and presenters all want to be a part of this show and release their stress and just have some fun! We had some good performances through almost 30 episodes… Jimmy Fallon, The Rock, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, John Legend, Myke Tyson, Terry Crews, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie, Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Tim Tebow, Kaley Cuoco and many more.

I will never forget The Rock singing “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift or Anna Kendrick singing about the fact that John Krasinski stole her girl with some One Direction… Or Channing Tatum bringing Beyonce to show who “Run the World”. Hell, in the last episode model Gigi Hadid even brought two of the Backstreet Boys to sing with her! Or John Krasinski making a hell of a good Tina Turner and Jenna Dewan-Tatum giving her husband a look of her “Magic Mike” moves…

As you can see, it’s a fun show where celebrities can be crazy and fun, not serious! Although some of them are really competitive… But that only makes the show more fun. And don’t forget Chrissy Teigen that always has a (naughty) good word or comment to say to the stars! Give it a go if you’re looking for a fun show to watch that will make you laugh until you’re crying 🙂


It’s a “Simple Plan”


Do you know the song that we all have that helped us through our teenage years? Well, for me it was a song called Welcome to my Life by a french-canadian band, Simple Plan… I remember being mad at everything and going to my room, turning off the lights, turning on my walkman and just listening to this song on repeat for the rest of the night. This was my song and I identified with it for so long… When they sang “No, you don’t know what it’s like, Welcome to my life”, it would always give me chills. Even today this will happen if I listen to the song!

After my teenage dramas, I learnt to appreciate more and more Simple Plan’s songs. I always felt connected to them, though. They always seemed to be singing about some specific point in my life and pouring down my thoughts through music! So as you can see I’m a big fan of their music and their punk rock vibes. They are part of a generation of bands that I really love like: Blink 182, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy, etc.

So it’s really no surprise that I’m making this post because this awesome band just recently released a new album, Taking One for the Team! A friend of mine the other day, which is also a big fan, made me remember of this little (big) fact and told me the album is truly good… I was so curious that in the last few days I’ve been listening to it!

And the truth is that the album is really good! It brings me back to a time in my life when things were psychologically hard for me, but at the same time it brings me such good memories. I’m very happy with this album and I think they are too! It’s always the same sound, that you can recognize it from far away! All Music even described this album as “pure, no-frills, feel-good fun, a start-to-finish crowd-pleaser for fans of that classic pop-punk sound.” And what really is impressive to me is the fact that a band with almost 15 years has the same sound and energy! They are coming to Europe for their World Tour but sadly I won’t come to listen to them… They aren’t coming to Portugal.

That being said if you have some doubts about listening to the whole album (Please! The album is awesome, you should hear it until the end!) just check out the two singles already released, Boom and Opinion Overload. But now for real, if you like the genre and haven’t heard their last album yet or you haven’t heard any of their songs (are you living under a rock?!) check them out! Because they are really a “Simple Plan” 🙂


Top 5 covers :)

So as you might figured it out, I listen to a lot of music and i love it! I’m addicted to it! Always listening to something new or old… My favorite artists/bands or just discovering new ones. But there are also times when your favorite artist/band do a cover of a song you love or a song you don’t particularly like and they make it better! These are the songs I’m about to celebrate.

To make this more fun I’m gonna tell you some of my favorite covers ever made… I love so many of them that I think I’ll make this a regular thing and maybe I’ll post a top 5 every month. That way if you want me to listen to some new/old covers, you can leave them on the comments!

Here we go… Please don’t judge me for some of these:
1. Rolling in the Deep – Linkin Park
I’m a big fan of Linkin Park and Chester’s Bennington voice is just a piece of art… To prove it hear this amazing cover to an Adele song! I have to admit that I didn’t like Adele’s version that much, but Chester just gave it a deep meaning and so much emotion that this is until this day one of my favorite covers ever made. The way the band slowed down the song just made it more emotional and passionate!

2. Drunk in Love – Ed Sheeran
Once again, I’m a big Sheerio! I love Ed and I truly believe is the future of music. He is a brilliant song-writer and an even better singer. So I wasn’t that surprised to discover that Ed could make a Beyonce song even more perfect! This is a “dirty” song and after you hear Ed’s version you just melt and fall in love with it. Not surprised at all!

3. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Muse 
I’m not a big fan of Muse… Don’t get me wrong, I like some of their songs but they aren’t one of my favorite bands. But this version of Muse from the song originally by Andy Williams, just makes me go crazy! This is such a beautiful song, so romantic and Muse just gave it some rocky edges! I truly love it… It’s sexy and the original message is still there!

4. FourFiveSeconds – One Direction
When this song came out I really liked it and I’m a huge fan of One Direction. I think these now four boys are very talented and truly good singers and song-writers! On their first Live Lounge they just took this beautiful cover from their sleeves… I wasn’t expecting this song, but they made it so pure! Their voices gave it even more meaning with the help of some violins. Just hear it because you won’t be disappointed!

5. Dance With Somebody – Little Mix
These ladies are just so misunderstood because people see them as another girlband! Their voices are beautiful and they made a brilliant job on this cover of Whitney Houston with a little Jason Derulo mixed. They don’t know limits your jaw will literally drop when you hear them sing… Two improbable songs that made a brilliant “mix”.

For this time these are my favorite covers and I have so many more to share with you, but if you have suggestions just leave them on the comments box 🙂


Music of the month: January

I LOVE MUSIC! Like I’m always listening to music in a lot of situations… When I’m showering, studying, reading, in a trip, writing, drawing, etc. I love to hear my favorite artists and their songs that inspire me and make me happy or help me through a situation! But what I love the most is to discover new music.

So in this blog I’ll do like a monthly review of artists or bands that I heard in that month. For january I heard three artists that have been talked about in the internet and that some friends encouraged me to hear. Halsey, Jamie Lawson and Troye Sivan.

First let’s talk about this lady that is defying society with her opinions and her great music… Halsey is an american singer and songwriter that recently released her first studio album, Badlands. With only 21 years old, this woman is described by the musical world as an electropop artist and her first album is an “angry female record”. I have to say that her music really impressed me! I’m not that much into electronic music, but the lyrics of her songs are really good. You have songs about relationships, like “Ghost”. But then you have a song about the counterculture in the United States, like “New Americana”. And my favorite music, “Colors” is really about the color blue and how the singer feels about the energy of the color. So you should definitely give it a listen because it can really surprise you!


Moving on, let’s talk about Jamie Lawson! Jamie is a british singer-songwriter that was the first artist to be signed by Ed Sheeran record label, Gingerbread Man Records. This means that although Lawson had already debuted two studio albums, his popularity abroad began in 2015 when he was signed by Ed. Then he re-released his single “Wasn’t Expecting That” and released a self-titled album. Last year he also supported Sheeran on some concerts of his X Tour and One Direction on their UK and Ireland leg of On the Road Again Tour. When I first listened to him on the radio, my first thought was “WOW! I love this song!”. After some time I realised it was Jamie, the guy that Ed Sheeran was always talking about with so much pride. I liked his album and his genre is really my thing, so I’m really excited to hear his future work and I really “Wasn’t Expecting That”.


Last but not least, Troye Sivan. I was really hesitant in listening to his new album “Blue Neighbourhood”. Don’t get me wrong, but I was a little afraid what I would hear from a 19 years old boy. But it was interesting! Troye is a south african-born australian actor, singer, songwriter and youtuber and his music genre is considered something like “lyrical ambient electronic dance-pop”. Once again, I’m not a big fan of electronic but I got really curious about this boy after I saw some images of the music video trilogy he released with a continuous theme entitled Blue Neighhbourhood that had such a strong message. I really liked “Wild”, “Fools” and “Talk Me Down” and the story that he told me about this relationship between two male childhood friends that turn lovers. It shows us what some people have to fight in order to truly be themselves. So I got curious to listen to the rest… It’s good for a young boy and he really has a lot of talent. And if someone likes this genre it’s always a good listening!



So what do you think? Will  you give it a listen? Or do you have some suggestions for my next music review? Leave it on the comments below 🙂