Suicide SQWAD


So another highly anticipated movie of superheroes premiered and this time I got a little disappointed… Yes, you guessed it I’m talking about Suicide Squad. As I told you all on one of my previous posts I was super excited for this one! I blame it on the trailers!!! Like the trailers were so well made and the soundtrack was brilliant, so I got all excited but while watching the movie things were a bit different…

(I’m going to try not to spoil people so if I do, sorry in advance!)

So last saturday I went to the cinema and watched Suicide Squad… I already read some bad reviews on the movie and I was already mentally prepared for lowering my expectations. Neverthless you always get excited because people think differently, but in this case I have to agree with some critics.

DC Universe isn’t really my favourite, but I watched Batman, I follow Arrow and The Flash too, so I have a little knowledge on the characters and the story behind the formation of Task Force X. And let me start by saying that the characters are brilliant! The characters are so rich and have such depth that it’s basically them that save the movie. With amazing performances by Will Smith (Deadshot), Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Cara Delevingne (Enchantress), Jay Hernandez (El Diablo), Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang), Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Killer Croc), Karen Fukuhara (Katana), etc.


My problem was with the way these amazing characters were put in the movie. The plot was really weak for a DC movie… You were getting to know these characters and then out of nowhere “boom” you’re in the middle of a war and you don’t understand very well how that happened! You don’t even know the specifics of some members of the team because some of them were more represented than the others… For example, and spoiler alert, Slipknot appeared out of nowhere and in the next second he was dead. Like, it was frustrating because you’re trying to keep up with all these new characters and you don’t get the chance too!

In terms of plot you have apparenlty two big set of villains, The Joker and the Enchantress/Incubus. But, and I agree with some youtubers, there is a third villan… Amanda Waller. Yes, I’m telling you that the head behind the creation of this squad is the bad guy too. This is a woman that sacrifices all these villains, puts a chip in them to explode them, blames them for some failures and in the end doesn’t want to compensate them for saving her life. She did all this because she thought she was in control of Enchantress and that didn’t go too well. Also if you follow Arrow like me, you dispise this woman more than anything! She has no scruples, but a brilliant performance by Viola Davis.

Now moving on to the character that I dispised the most on this movie, The Joker. I was a little afraid of this character because for me The Joker is Heath Ledger. No other actor will take that character from him. Neverthless I was a bit curious about Jared Leto and his performance because his colleagues didn’t say nice things about him… And I didn’t like it to be honest! I think his character wasn’t truly necessary besides explaining Harley Quinn past. Also his performance was a bit cringe worthy… Instead of making this character crazy as he truly is, I felt like Leto made him look like a drug addict. So I didn’t connect with him… In fact, while I was watching the movie I was always rolling my eyes when he appeared and wishing he would just go away.

But not everything was bad in the movie… For example, in terms of music I have to give it to them. The soundtrack was one of the best I’ve heard in a while. From Queen to Twenty-One Pilots, the songs really fitted the moments. I was already impressed with the music used on the trailers, but when you get Eminem’s “Slim Shady” when the squad is getting ready is truly brilliant. I never was at a cinema full of people singing along to all these songs. So kudos for some amazing musical choices!

Finally, just to say that the movie has some funny moments that truly make you laugh. Like Harley Quinn when she gets released from her cell and all her voices, or Killer Croc saying he is beautiful. Also, I saw some videos of youtubers making reviews of the movie and all of them were in agreement that the movie and some scenes were really loyal to the comic books. That to me is always a good way for the writers to go because the comics have such a rich universe. So big kudos in that aspect!

Wow this got really big, but just my honest opinion. In the end, it was an enjoyable movie and you know that everybody has a different opinion… My expectations were just set too high for this one, I guess! Neverthless, if you’re interested in watching the movie, just go to the closest cinema and enjoy some laughs and great acting!


The One With The Civil War

SOOOOOO! I think it’s safe to say you know what’s coming today… Yes, you’re right! This week it’s all about Captain America: Civil War! I have so much to tell you about, but first I promise I’ll try not to spoil anyone and if I do it, forgive me because I didn’t mean too.

I’m so excited to talk about this that I had to take two days to write this post. Like, I needed to chanel my inner fangirl but also tame the beast that is the “Stucky” shipper. So let’s start with the beggining… The movie premiered on the 28th here in Portugal and I wanted to go to the movie theater to watch it because I have been expecting this for a long time. But I live in a small city that has no cinema’s. After many tries to convince my parents to drive me to the next city which had a shopping center, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

So thursday I just thought to myself “F**k it!” and just bought a bus ticket to go to the next city alone. I spent 25 minutes in a bus and then took a cab to the shopping. I was so excited and happy to watch the movie, you can’t even imagine it. (Just a little detail that it’ll make sense in a while, the first thing I did when I arrived at the shopping center was buy a bag of M&Ms to smuggle into the cinema!) I bought the ticket for the next session and had 30 minutes to spare before the movie started.

When I finally entered the room where the movie was being shown there were about 20 people there and I had to sit next to two girls that probably thought I was crazy after my little screams of “NO!” or my hand against my heart everytime things got emotional! The trailers started and after a while the lights went out and the movie started. I was hipnotized the whole time…

So much happened! Like you’re constatly pulled in a flashback scene with Bucky that only made completely sense at the end of the movie. Then you had all these superheroes! People trying to make good for others and using their powers and abilities to fight against the bad guys. After that you had the Hobbit and one more guy making some political oppressions against them. Then they divided themselves because of that and basically Bucky. That anticlimatic kiss that didn’t make any sense in the story, please! And then the real action begins with some intense fight scenes…


On one side you have #TeamCaptain composed by Hawkeye, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch. And on the other side you have #TeamIronMan made of War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, The Vision and Spider-Man. Let me tell you that it’s very hard to chose a side! More even after watching the movie… Because at the end you truly understand both sides and you see what they believed and wanted do was the right thing. But in my heart I was #TeamCap because I had my doubts about the political stuff and Bucky was being accused of something he didn’t do, he was being a pawn.

(ATTENTION: probably there are some spoilers here!).

So in the end and in my heart both sides won… Like both sides did the right thing and although they had some casualities physically and psychologically, they didn’t want to hurt each other. Like you can see them fighting against each other and they are controlling themselves… They don’t want to hurt their friends! (You can definitely see that between the Black Widow and Hawkeye.) They just want to stop each other from doing something wrong.

And the new characters presented to the Avengers inniciative are brilliant and fit so well… Black Panther with his desire for revenge that in the end understood that he was wrong, Spider-Man a kid with so much fight in him and with his Star Wars references (also remember my bag of M&Ms?! Yeah, they dropped on the floor between Tony’s and Peter’s conversation while the whole room was in silence!) and Ant-Man with his funny dialogue and his crazy ideas. These characters just fit! And the others just stay the same… For example, the inner struggles of fitting in a different time by Steve, the desire to do everything right by Tony, Natasha double spy work, The Vision uncertainty in humanity, Wanda coming to terms with her powers, Hawkeye being the voice of reason and Sam and Rhodes being loyal to their friends.

The only thing that was missing in the movie was a more deep connection with Bucky! This is a character that with his strenght always stole the scene and made himself present… So I feel like they should have deepened his connection with Steve! Yes, they are best friends and they make the best team together, but what about the struggles that they both went through? Bucky wasn’t being The Winter Soldier anymore, so why not make the audience understand how he was feeling? Some things to think about Marvel!

Overall the movie is fantastic and everybody that loves the Marvel universe just needs to get up of their couch and watch it! Great fight scenes, big friendships, abilities, some drama and visual effects, and it’s the perfect recipe for a great superhero movie… This just makes you so much excited for what is going to happen next on the other characters movies! It’s a great preparation for a second Ant-Man, the new Spider-Man, a future movie about Black Widow and Black Panther (separately please!), etc.

Finally I have something to confess, I want to see the movie again and again 🙂


“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”


Well you got it right… The theme for this week is STAR WARS! I love watching movies and I like futuristic movies with a bit of action. And Star Wars is a classic! I never watched the whole movies and I was curious. I even watched them in the correct order… I thought to myself “If I’m doing this, I’m doing it right!”.

And I did it! Saturday I saw “The Force Awakens”, the VII episode that was released last year. WOW! I really loved the whole franchise. When I was younger, I saw pieces and bits of the first movies and always wanted to watch them all. I like to have a constructive opinion about things and in my head the only way I could watch the last movie or even have an opinion was to see the movies! I did the right choice, indeed…

There is so much to tell about this saga. First it’s created by George Lucas that gave us this fictional galaxy full of alien creatures and robotic droids, where space travel is super common and a corrupt galatic government is trying to rule the galaxy. In the prequel trilogy (Episodes I, II and III) this government is the Galactic Republic. At the end of this prequel and throughout the original trilogy (Episodes IV, V and VI) this government is the Galactic Empire. And in this new trilogy (where Episode VII begins) there is the New Republic.

As any true Star Wars fan knows there is something called “the Force” that is descrived as “an energy field created by all living things [that] surrounds us, penetrates us, [and] binds the galaxy together.” With the power of the Force users can perform various supernatural feats (like telekinesis, clairvoyance, precognition and mind control) and can also amplify certain physical traits such as speed and reflexes. As always the Force can be used for good (the light side), but it also has a dark side that, when pursued, fills their users with hatred, aggression and malevolence. The Jeidi, who are part of the light side, use this power to serve as peacekeepers and guardians of the galaxy. The Sith are the opposite… They embrace the dark side and try to destroy the Jedi Order and the Republic and try to rule the galaxy themselves.

As you can see there is everything in this saga! There is action, romance, friendship, intercultural interactions, but mostly crazy creatures and spaceships. I fell in love with it! It’s so interesting and the political problems and revolutions just keep the story so fascinating. There is an evil man Darth Vader that works for the Emperor, there is Yoda that tries to protect the Jedi Order… There are children that have so much power without realising it and are determinant to the storyline! There is rebels and Stormtroppers! Too much cuteness with robots and Chewbacca… I just want to hug them! And I want a lightsaber, please!

Not to talk about some of the amazing actors that participated in the three trilogies made to this day! I know I’m gonna be crazy and bitting my nails waiting for a new trailer for the next movie or even watching it. I know I can’t wait for it! I’m so excited to know more about their story and the relations between these new characters…

So as a suggestion, I think you should just try to watch the whole saga! Try with the 1st episode and if you don’t like it then well tough luck… But just try it out! It’s really worth watching and the 2 hours per movie pass in a blur. Watch it and:


(Just a side note for those who haven’t experience Star Wars fully, keep an eye on the Skywalkers! Without spoiling much they are in the center of everything that happens on the movies. Well you may know one of them, Luke Skywalker because everybody knows the famous phrase “Luke, I’m your father!”)

The night where dreams come true!


Oh the Oscars night… Where the stars align and celebrate the movie industry! It’s THE award show of the season, the biggest honour of them all, the night where dreams come true and tears fall down. A night where friends reunite! Last night appeared to be all this and so much more… Well, last night finally ended one of the most successful memes of the last few years. Leo finally got his Oscar! I’m getting a little ahead of myself… Let’s start with the beginning!

Everything started with the Red Carpet where actors, musicians, directors and everyone in between the movie industry could walk around showing their beautiful dresses and suits. Got to say that last night we got all kinds of beautiful dresses, but Chrissy Teigen and Lady Gaga won for me! The man also looked dazzling with Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hardy winning for me in the tuxedo department. Although I got to give some credit to Jared Leto who tried something different this year but the shoes didn’t work (Sorry!).

After the stars showed up it was time for the proper celebration to begin. Chris Rock, the host of this year, began the award show with some difficult subject, racism in Hollywood. Well, he had to do it! There was a lot of criticism this year towards the Academy for the lack of acting nominations of colour actors. Chris Rock even said: “You’re damn right, Hollywood’s racist”, but he used the controversy to talk about diversity. A truly inspiring and funny monologue!

Well, let’s get to the juicy part… The winners of this year! Spotlight was the real surprise of the night and snatched best picture from the rival contenders The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road. With six awards, Fury Road ran the technical categories winning for costume design, production design, hair and makeup, editing, sound editing and sound mixing. The director Alejandro González Iñárritu won best director with The Revenant and the movie also won best cinematography and best actor with Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning an Oscar. Brie Larson won for best actress with her role in Room. The big surprises where in the supporting categories though, as Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies) and Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl) won the famous Oscar. Also a note for Inside Out that one best animated feature film and for Sam Smith who won best song for Writing’s on the Wall.



So these were the big winners of the night! Leo could finally end a meme culture that has been going around for a few years and got a standing ovation of the room… Even the actors that lost to him looked so happy that he finally got it! Some of the speechs were really moving like Leo talking about global warming and how it’s “the most urgent threat affecting our species”. Even going as far as urging support for those people whose “voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed”. And finally, Sam Smith dedicating his award to the LGBT community in his speech.

Oh, last but not least, go take a look at Lady Gaga’s performance last night! WOW! That woman can sing… I was really impressed with her, truly amazing! Sad that she didn’t get the Oscar for best song with Til It Happens To You. It’s a moving song!

So this is just a quick summary of last night 88th Academy Awards! More things happened and there were so many good after parties and backstage moments, but that is for another time or for you to look it up online 😉


I’m a woman that love superheroes, deal with it!


The other day I saw on Tumblr a set of gifs of Ryan Reynolds in the Berlin press conference of Deadpool where he debunked the myth that women only go to the movies for love stories and that they don’t like action movies. He said and I quote: “I think it’s funny that the studios go, ‘Oh, how are we going to market this movie to women? We have to market the romantic angle. And it’s sort of like, well — no. Women love fucking superhero movies! Clearly they go to these movies. It’s sort of funny that the studios are sometimes the last to know that.”

I never related so much to a quote! I love superheroes movies, tv shows, comics, etc. I love action movies even more! And I don’t like it because it has a deep, cute love story or because the actor that plays the hero is hot… No I like the movies because I love the stories, it’s as easy as that!

I’m like this since I was a kid, really. I loved comic books and I had a big collection of comics… When I got older I discovered that I could read them online and I started reading manga! Besides comics, I always loved watching cartoons of some superheroes too: Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Turtles, Sailormoon, etc. I would watch them all on the tv and later on the movies! I watch every movie from Marvel franchise to DC Comics. You can’t imagine my excitment when I saw some of these movies on the theaters! I’m like a kid on Christmas and always wait until the movie really end so I won’t miss any important scene.

And surprise, no matter what I try to see these movies because I genuinely love their concept! I love action movies and to see a team get together to defeat evil… I don’t need a “hot” or “pretty” man to represent a character for me to love it! In fact, I resent the fact that most superheroes are men… Yes Marvel this is for you, where is my movie about Black Widow?! I don’t need a cute love story to get hooked to a story… I even prefer a good and strong friendship between two or more characters that really have an impact on the story! (Yes, this is about Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes!)

I even make people give me Kinder eggs because I get an action figure from The Avengers!  I have some already, but this year I will get more… I have t-shirts and jumpers of superheroes so as you can see I love them, I really love them! You want to know the movies that I’m more excited to see this year? Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad! See, it’s all about superheroes with me… One of my biggest dreams is to go to Comic Con in San Diego! It would be like a dream come true!!! To be there in the middle of a world filled with people like me…

In conclusion, yes I’m a woman that loves superheroes not because they have a cute love story but because they are awesome! Deal with it…



“A whole new world” by Disney


Since I made this blog I tried to write about things that I find interesting or things that I grow up with… Today I was thinking about my childhood and what I used to do when I was a kid and wanted to pass the time. Well that answer is really simple… I used to turn on my VHS player and just watch some movie. Sometimes it was a Disney animation movie and other times just Looney Tunes. But I always had a soft spot for the Disney ones (my Hercules VHS was never the same, I watched it almost everyday).

Even today I watch them! Everytime that I catch one on TV I stay tuned to it like I am a child seeing the movie for the first time. The stories and the characters always fascinated me! But the soundtracks always made me more into the whole thing! Today I can definitely say that I’m a proud Disney fan that knows the lyrics to almost every song from my favorite movies… When Youtube was created it was the best thing for me because it gave me the possibility to go there and listen to my favorite songs! I know some quotes too, by the way!

I always got fascinated with the endless possibilities! You could be a princess, a prince, a king, a queen, a lion, a thief, a villain, a dog, a frog, a god, etc. No matter what you could be anything you wanted to be! You just had to believe in it and dream…

Not many kids loved villains, but I loved them and the bad things they did always fascinated me because I wanted to know why they acted like that! But what really made me sad was that not everybody got their happy ending… I know that villains needed to pay for their mistakes, but I always felt sad that they were never happy.

Also I loved that every character was different, you know? For example, in terms of female figures Disney started with a plot that gave us an innocent girl like Snow White, Cinderela, Aurora and Ariel that needed a strong male character to help them or to saved them. But they transformed their characters through the years to show us more powerful female figures. We have Belle, Pocahontas, Mulan, Megara, Tiana, Merida and Elsa that are independent woman that although they have help, also have a strong personality that can make them resolve their own issues! They also represented different nacionalities or races that made more girls around the world feel accepted in their own skin. Disney next step is to make an animation with a plot centered in an lgbtq+ character to try and educate kids on this theme.


These characters changed my world when I was kid and even now they make me stop and think about life adversities. These stories make me miss a part of my life when everything was innocent and simple. But they also give me hope… They make me think that although life has its ups and downs, “If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true”!