They’re back!

You know I love to listen to many new artists and different types of music… But I even love more when my favorite bands that haven’t release new music in a while come back to make me happy again! So in the middle of so many artists coming back, here are my absolute faves that released albums in the last few weeks.

Bastille – “Wild World”

rs-247208-rs-bastilleOnly formed in 2010, Bastille makes you feel like they’ve been around for forever. This is only their second studio album, but “Wild World” is on its way to become one of my personal favorites. Their first single was “Good Grief” and what a way to start the promotion of this album. With a big variety of sounds, this album still tastes like Bastille and the amazing work they did with their first studio album “Bad Blood”. Still a recent band, they have just a recognizable sound and that’s quite an achievement for a new band. “Send Them Off!” is one of my favorites and I like a line of it that goes like “set me free from my jealousy, won’t you exorcize my mind”. Clearly a band to listen for those of you that didn’t try it yet!

Sum 41 – “13 Voices”

sum-41-13-voices-artworkIt has been 5 years since Sum 41 grace us with a album studio… The wait was long, but it was so worth it! This is a band that has been around since 1996 and I listened to it a lot a few years ago. I love them very much, but I have to admit I only realised they had released a new album because a friend of mine warned me… Thank you because it was amazing to listen to them again! The first music  of their new album that was released was “Fake My Own Death”, but “War” was their first single. Both are amazing examples of their original sound, the first one a more alternative metal song and the second one a more punk rock song both with more angsty themes. It truly takes us back on a journey through their career and it was a good start for their come back!

Green Day – “Radio Revolution”

green-day-revolutionThey’ve been around as a band since 1986, but they haven’t release a studio album since 2012. So finally they’re back and with an absolutely amazing album, a personally favorite of mine! Last year they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so it really makes us think what is about to come this year and the next. The first single of the album was a song called “Bang Bang” that brings the band back to their songs with a more political and social meaning… Wait I’m lying, almost all their songs are like that! What I wanted to say was that with so much going on in terms of politics in America, now you have Green Day speaking up again! With the same vibes of American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, you’ll rock your socks out! Although, I have to give a shout out to an amazing song that is part of the album and it was originally wrote for a movie, “Ordinary World”. Billie Joe Armstrong is one of the main characters of the movie with the same name and he wrote this song. It’s a beautiful and lovely song and if you don’t cry with it, I don’t want to be associated with you! 😉

So here are three excellent suggestions of new albums to listen to! If you have more suggestions leave them in the comments… always looking for more music!