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So I’ve been away for a while, but I was busy finishing some books I had to read… As the title of this post suggests, I’ve been reading “The Shadowhunters Chronicles”. After six books and more or less 5 months of intensive reading (yeah I know i was a bit slow, but I had other things to do and read!), I finally finished yesterday.

I’ve some mixed feelings about it, you see. Like I only started reading because my friend Kati said that I’d like it and the tv show was about to start so I wanted to know the story. And what a wild ride! There were some good moments, but also some eye rolling moments. But overall it’s a good universe that was created. (I don’t know exactly by who since Cassandra Clare was accused of plagiarism for some books she wrote). I was pretty excited with the promise of nephilim, angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, faries and warlocks.

Let’ start with the beggining… I already said that I loved the universe and it was very interesting how all these different type of people interacted. But what really shocked me in the end was that the most interesting characters, the ones with more history, were not the main characters. It wasn’t Clary and Jace that made me devour the books… It was Magnus, Alec, Isabelle, Simon and Maia.

In the first book I was a little fascinated with Jace and even Clary was cute, but after the second book it was just another impossible romance between them. Clary had some girl power don’t get me wrong and she saved all of them, but the girls that made me feel more power were Isabelle and Maia. These two didn’t get the recognition they deserved… Both were very strong female characters that got put behind Clary. Both were fighters that lost almost everything! And poor Simon too that had the full potential to be a main character since the first book but only got recognition in the last three books. He was transformed into a vampire and it was very hard for him to fit in the Downworlders, but in the end the author took the easy way out. Dear Simon made a bargain with a demon to save his friends and forgot who they were. So sad! His relationship with Izzy will never be same even though he remembers somethings thanks to Magnus.

And don’t get me started on Magnus and Alec. Magnus is an ancient warlock with so much life experience! I was a little shocked he wasn’t given some time in the books. He was always treated like a secondary character and the author started to write his story so many times, but then at the last minute she cut out the supply! And Alec, dear lovely Alec… He was a guy that was starting to feel more for his bff and for this new warlock he met, but you can’t even read his struggle. It’s there and you can feel it so many times, but it makes me sad that it was put under the rug! Like how in the last two books you realise his father has been pretty awful to him because he was gay, but then in the last chapter it was like the author took the easy way out. I needed more from these two (thank god for fanfiction!).

Other characters too made me sad that were gone (Max, Amatis, etc.) and others didn’t get the ending they deserved! The Blackthornes for example they lose everything in the end and you get the feeling that they deserved more. They deserved that the Clave rescued their brother and that their sister could be with them. It was sad that the author started so many interesting plots and then left them! There were also details that could have been more explored…

But I got to say that what fascinated me in the end was how the villains were basically perfect for the story. Valentine, his son Jonathan aka Sebastian, and even the Seelie Queen fitted like a glove. You were until the last book to make an opinion on the Seelie Queen, but with Valentine and Sebastian you could tell that they’re pure evil. Although Sebastian wasn’t like that by choice, it was how Valentine raised him and the demon blood that circulated in his veins. Overall great characters that had what they deserved in the end, except the Seelie Queen that you never figure out what happened to her. She literally disappeared from the books after one chapter. What really happened to her?!

Also, the politics behind the books were brilliant really. The way the different factions of the society were treated and how the Clave ruled were really interesting. Some bad political decisions and probably not the best method to make some decisions, but I liked how the Clave inclunded warlocks, werewolves, vampires and even faeries in their Consul in the 3rd book. It was really interesting to see the prejudice that they had against each other, but also to see that in the end when needed they helped each other to defeat a common enemy. (And just for the record Magnus was right about the faeries, Consul!) And I liked that in the end of the book it really didn’t matter anymore if a shadowhunter was in a relationship with a warlock or a vampire. They got over it and accepted that it’ll always happen!

So, in the end, I liked the books and they’re pretty interesting. The author should have done more for some characters, but we can’t ever be fully happy about a book or a show if it wasn’t us that wrote it. Once again, thank god for fanfiction that is going to be my main source for the unfinished business, and now off to read “The Bane Chronicles” to know more about Magnus (fave character, probably!). Also I’m excited to see how the tv show is going to continue now 😉


The One With The Civil War

SOOOOOO! I think it’s safe to say you know what’s coming today… Yes, you’re right! This week it’s all about Captain America: Civil War! I have so much to tell you about, but first I promise I’ll try not to spoil anyone and if I do it, forgive me because I didn’t mean too.

I’m so excited to talk about this that I had to take two days to write this post. Like, I needed to chanel my inner fangirl but also tame the beast that is the “Stucky” shipper. So let’s start with the beggining… The movie premiered on the 28th here in Portugal and I wanted to go to the movie theater to watch it because I have been expecting this for a long time. But I live in a small city that has no cinema’s. After many tries to convince my parents to drive me to the next city which had a shopping center, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

So thursday I just thought to myself “F**k it!” and just bought a bus ticket to go to the next city alone. I spent 25 minutes in a bus and then took a cab to the shopping. I was so excited and happy to watch the movie, you can’t even imagine it. (Just a little detail that it’ll make sense in a while, the first thing I did when I arrived at the shopping center was buy a bag of M&Ms to smuggle into the cinema!) I bought the ticket for the next session and had 30 minutes to spare before the movie started.

When I finally entered the room where the movie was being shown there were about 20 people there and I had to sit next to two girls that probably thought I was crazy after my little screams of “NO!” or my hand against my heart everytime things got emotional! The trailers started and after a while the lights went out and the movie started. I was hipnotized the whole time…

So much happened! Like you’re constatly pulled in a flashback scene with Bucky that only made completely sense at the end of the movie. Then you had all these superheroes! People trying to make good for others and using their powers and abilities to fight against the bad guys. After that you had the Hobbit and one more guy making some political oppressions against them. Then they divided themselves because of that and basically Bucky. That anticlimatic kiss that didn’t make any sense in the story, please! And then the real action begins with some intense fight scenes…


On one side you have #TeamCaptain composed by Hawkeye, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch. And on the other side you have #TeamIronMan made of War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, The Vision and Spider-Man. Let me tell you that it’s very hard to chose a side! More even after watching the movie… Because at the end you truly understand both sides and you see what they believed and wanted do was the right thing. But in my heart I was #TeamCap because I had my doubts about the political stuff and Bucky was being accused of something he didn’t do, he was being a pawn.

(ATTENTION: probably there are some spoilers here!).

So in the end and in my heart both sides won… Like both sides did the right thing and although they had some casualities physically and psychologically, they didn’t want to hurt each other. Like you can see them fighting against each other and they are controlling themselves… They don’t want to hurt their friends! (You can definitely see that between the Black Widow and Hawkeye.) They just want to stop each other from doing something wrong.

And the new characters presented to the Avengers inniciative are brilliant and fit so well… Black Panther with his desire for revenge that in the end understood that he was wrong, Spider-Man a kid with so much fight in him and with his Star Wars references (also remember my bag of M&Ms?! Yeah, they dropped on the floor between Tony’s and Peter’s conversation while the whole room was in silence!) and Ant-Man with his funny dialogue and his crazy ideas. These characters just fit! And the others just stay the same… For example, the inner struggles of fitting in a different time by Steve, the desire to do everything right by Tony, Natasha double spy work, The Vision uncertainty in humanity, Wanda coming to terms with her powers, Hawkeye being the voice of reason and Sam and Rhodes being loyal to their friends.

The only thing that was missing in the movie was a more deep connection with Bucky! This is a character that with his strenght always stole the scene and made himself present… So I feel like they should have deepened his connection with Steve! Yes, they are best friends and they make the best team together, but what about the struggles that they both went through? Bucky wasn’t being The Winter Soldier anymore, so why not make the audience understand how he was feeling? Some things to think about Marvel!

Overall the movie is fantastic and everybody that loves the Marvel universe just needs to get up of their couch and watch it! Great fight scenes, big friendships, abilities, some drama and visual effects, and it’s the perfect recipe for a great superhero movie… This just makes you so much excited for what is going to happen next on the other characters movies! It’s a great preparation for a second Ant-Man, the new Spider-Man, a future movie about Black Widow and Black Panther (separately please!), etc.

Finally I have something to confess, I want to see the movie again and again 🙂


A true 90’s kid: Cartoons

Today I took a trip down memory lane and watched youtube videos of songs that had a big impact on my childhood and are still very special to me… Yes, I admit it! I was watching songs from my favorite cartoons of when I was a child. I say in the title “a true 90’s kid” because I’m 24 and I watched these cartoons before I went to school or the weekends. I used to wake up like at 6am just to watch them… And it’s the only way my mom could dress me up for school! I had to watch them and stay in my little world fantasizing about battles and romance. Even today I like to watch cartoons!

As you can see although I watched a bunch of them, I was pretty selective. For example I didn’t like Dragon Ball (sorry to everyone that I offend with this one) or Ninja Turtles (although I knew the characters and the story). Also as I was doing research for this post I realised that I only watched japanese anime television series! Like in my favorites list I only got one american cartoon. I guess animes were pretty popular in Portugal in the 90’s!

So I didn’t like some of the popular shows but I think I got some good shows as my
favorites. My favorite of all time ever is still Sailor Moon! You don’t understand I used to play sailor moon ansm_scene_02d I even watched the show a few years ago… I still know the song that was used on the show, I want to name a pet “Luna” and have a huge crush on Tuxedo Mask. (Not embarassing at all!) The plot takes place in Tokyo (Minato) where a middle-school student named Tsukino befriends a talking black cat named Luna. The cat gives her a magical brooch enabling her to become Sailor Moon which was a pretty guardian destined to save our planet from the forces of evil. They assemble a team of fellow Sailor Guardians (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus) to find their princess and the Silver Crystal. The serie was so good and successful that they did many arcs of the story.

In second place on my list there is a story of perseverance and where dreams come true… It’s Captain  Tsubasa! Since I was a little kid I developed this big love of football, not playing per se buCaptain_Tsubasa_J_bannert watching a game and I can say that I have a pretty good knowledge of the game. So it makes sense that this cartoon had a huge impact on me! The story focuses obviously on the adventures of a japanese youth soccer team and its football captain Tsubasa (in portuguese he was Oliver). The attention of the show is on Tsubasa’s relationship with his friends, rivalry with his opponents (Benji), training, competition and the action and outcome of each match. Some drama between opponents and you have the perfect recipe for a series about football!

Another show that always had my attention was Kaiketsu Zorro (in Portugal it was named “The Legend of Zorro”). Kaiketsu.Zorro.full.1818414This show was very popular here and, as the original story, focused on Don Diego de la Vega. Diego returns from this stupy trip to discover that his homeland in under the army’s dictatorship and he disguises himself as Zorro to protect the weak and oppressed. At the same time, as Diego he trys to win the affection of Lolita but he only captures her attention when he serenades her as Zorro. I guess I was enchanted by Zorro and I never forgot this show… It’s really one of those where I was excited to see it and just wanted school to finish quick enough so I could go home to watch it.

In fourth place is a show that is still very special to me and I might say I was always obsessed with this story. Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds used to appear on my television every mdogtanian_7962orning and even today when I hear the beggining of the theme song I get all nostalgic (and yes I had some uni parties where I screamed it at the top of my lungs!). This was an adaptation of the classic story The Three Musketeers, by Alexandre Dumas. (Most of the characters are anthropomorphizations of dogs). As the original story, Dogtanian travels to Paris to become one of the King Louis XIII of France’s musketeers. He befriends three other musketeers (Porthos, Athos and Aramis) and falls in love with a maid-in-waiting for Queen Anne of Austria, Juliette.


Lastly but not least is one of those cartoons that everybody knows and watched when they were a kid: Rugrats! This show is an american animation created for Nickelodeon that focuses on a group 0001of toddlers (Tommy, Chuckie, twins Phil and Lil, and Angelica) and their day-to-day lives. This involved a lot of common life experiences that are transformed in adventures in the babies’ imaginations. The parents of the babies usually didn’t know or understand the type of adventures their toddlers had everyday. I used to watch this show so much that I even got two VHS movies of the show for Christmas. I don’t know why I liked it, but I think it was about the concept that babies have their own and powerful imagination!

Okay my favorites list is done! But I also watched so many more iconic shows like The Fairy OddParents, Cow and Chicken, Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Doraemon, Pokémon and Digimon. The problem with these were that I only got to watch them 2 or 3 times a year because I had to watch them on Cartoon Network or another channel that I didn’t have at the time. Anyway, I think I had a pretty good childhood with all these, no? I mean I had babies, boys and girls being superheroes, dogs and football… What could I have asked for more?

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”


Well you got it right… The theme for this week is STAR WARS! I love watching movies and I like futuristic movies with a bit of action. And Star Wars is a classic! I never watched the whole movies and I was curious. I even watched them in the correct order… I thought to myself “If I’m doing this, I’m doing it right!”.

And I did it! Saturday I saw “The Force Awakens”, the VII episode that was released last year. WOW! I really loved the whole franchise. When I was younger, I saw pieces and bits of the first movies and always wanted to watch them all. I like to have a constructive opinion about things and in my head the only way I could watch the last movie or even have an opinion was to see the movies! I did the right choice, indeed…

There is so much to tell about this saga. First it’s created by George Lucas that gave us this fictional galaxy full of alien creatures and robotic droids, where space travel is super common and a corrupt galatic government is trying to rule the galaxy. In the prequel trilogy (Episodes I, II and III) this government is the Galactic Republic. At the end of this prequel and throughout the original trilogy (Episodes IV, V and VI) this government is the Galactic Empire. And in this new trilogy (where Episode VII begins) there is the New Republic.

As any true Star Wars fan knows there is something called “the Force” that is descrived as “an energy field created by all living things [that] surrounds us, penetrates us, [and] binds the galaxy together.” With the power of the Force users can perform various supernatural feats (like telekinesis, clairvoyance, precognition and mind control) and can also amplify certain physical traits such as speed and reflexes. As always the Force can be used for good (the light side), but it also has a dark side that, when pursued, fills their users with hatred, aggression and malevolence. The Jeidi, who are part of the light side, use this power to serve as peacekeepers and guardians of the galaxy. The Sith are the opposite… They embrace the dark side and try to destroy the Jedi Order and the Republic and try to rule the galaxy themselves.

As you can see there is everything in this saga! There is action, romance, friendship, intercultural interactions, but mostly crazy creatures and spaceships. I fell in love with it! It’s so interesting and the political problems and revolutions just keep the story so fascinating. There is an evil man Darth Vader that works for the Emperor, there is Yoda that tries to protect the Jedi Order… There are children that have so much power without realising it and are determinant to the storyline! There is rebels and Stormtroppers! Too much cuteness with robots and Chewbacca… I just want to hug them! And I want a lightsaber, please!

Not to talk about some of the amazing actors that participated in the three trilogies made to this day! I know I’m gonna be crazy and bitting my nails waiting for a new trailer for the next movie or even watching it. I know I can’t wait for it! I’m so excited to know more about their story and the relations between these new characters…

So as a suggestion, I think you should just try to watch the whole saga! Try with the 1st episode and if you don’t like it then well tough luck… But just try it out! It’s really worth watching and the 2 hours per movie pass in a blur. Watch it and:


(Just a side note for those who haven’t experience Star Wars fully, keep an eye on the Skywalkers! Without spoiling much they are in the center of everything that happens on the movies. Well you may know one of them, Luke Skywalker because everybody knows the famous phrase “Luke, I’m your father!”)

Top 5 covers :) – Part 2


So I’m back with this part of my blog… See? I told you I’d make this a regular thing because I thought of more covers. As I said the other time I listen to a lot of music and sometimes artists/bands make these sick covers of songs I love or songs I don’t like. The point is that they make them awesome!

Once again I’ll celebrate 5 more songs that are absolutely brilliant as covers! If I remember more songs I’ll do another post or if you want me to listen to some new/old covers, you can leave them on the comments!

Here we go again and this time the bands members are all guys, so this should be interesting… Please don’t judge me for some of these:
1. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Twenty One Pilots 
I always stumble with this cover on tumblr and one day I pressed play. I was so surprised! I never heard such a sweet cover of this song by Elvis Presley. I played this song so many years in my orchestra, but this was just so sweet and simple with just an ukulele that I cried… Even  their voices are so pure in this song that it’s really worth a listening! After discovering this cover I decided to listen to the band and I really like them now.

2. Trap Queen – Ed Sheeran feat The Roots
As I said before I’m a big fan of Ed but I didn’t know this cover until yesterday! A friend of mine posted it on Facebook and I knew the song by Fetty Wap but didn’t like the rhythm. But Ed, as always, made it all better! I loved it the melody, the song… It sounds so much better with Ed’s voice and the instrumental made for it. I have to confess that I’m super addicted to it now.

3. Free Fallin – John Mayer
John Mayer is another of my favorites. I love his songs and the rocky edge some of his albums have! And I didn’t think it was possible to love him more, but I heard this cover of Free Fallin by Tom Petty… He covered this song on the live version of his album Where the Light is and it’s so pure! Just some guitars and he’s perfect voice… I melt everytime I listen to this, seriously!

4. King for a Day/Shout – Green Day
So Green Day is MY band! I grew up with them and they are the best live. This is a cover they always play at their shows since their live album Bullet in a Bible and as a person that witnessed this live I can’t tell you how much fun this song his! The band as an amazing energy and makes the fans go crazy. This is a mash-up of two songs King for a Day by them and Shout by The Isley Brothers! I know I’m cheating a little bit with this one but I had to put it in my list because together these songs are perfect.

5. Uptown Funk – Fall Out Boy
Once again a cover made on BBC Radio 1 – Live Lounge and an amazing one dare I say. Fall Out Boy is a band that I also grew up with and I love their sound on the popular song by Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars! It’s such an amazing mix between the sound of the original song and the sound that Fall Out Boy gave us since the start of their career. Brilliant cover that gave a little more rock to this song.

For this time these are my favorite covers and I have so many more to share with you, but if you have suggestions just leave them on the comments box 🙂

I react to “REACT”


I don’t usually follow or subscribe any kind of channel on YouTube… Don’t get me wrong I go to YouTube every single day, but I just don’t follow any particular youtuber. Well that ship has apparently sailed last week because I found a new hobbie… Watching videos from a channel called “REACT”.

This channel was created by the Fine Brothers Entertainment (another channel on YouTube) and you may know them as the ones to creat videos for Kids React, Teens React and Elders React. The goal is simple… Analyse the reactions and opinions from kids, teens and elders to basically everything. The content goes from tv shows, movies, music, games, politics, etc. Sometimes there are even little contests to see if you know some songs or games.

These are such fun videos, for real! And so many categories to chose from like: Laughing Challenges, Gaming, Kids vs. Food, Do They Know It?, Lyric Breakdown, Opinions and Advice. For me the most interesting thing is to see the reactions and opinions of people towards some subjects. Like you know that they have these kind of interviews with previously chosen questions… But it’s so amazing to see different people react to the same thing and with different background knowledge!

I have to admit that my fave videos are seeing for example adults reacting to pop culture or teens reacting to music their parents grew up with! But the most funny ones are really the ones with kids. We all know that a child is super honest so it’s just so funny to see them having all these “adult” and mature opinions about everything. Like I saw another video of some of these kids reacting to Donald Trump and his speechs and I was so surprised… They can see what is wrong and the strategy this man is using to make people vote for him and some of them are only 7 years old.

So if you want to have a good laugh just check these videos out on their channel called REACT  and just watch them! It’s really worth it and the best part is that you can leave in the comments some subjects you want them to make people react to. A really good way to make me use YouTube more and more because now I’m addicted to it 😉



Today I thought long and hard about what to write about and I kept coming back to a fanfiction I’m reading… So I just thought that would be cool to share with you my opinion on fanfiction! Well I spend a lot of time reading it so I think I can do this…

For those of you who live under a rock fanfiction is fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction like movies, books, games, tv shows, music, anime, etc. These fics are created by fans of that work and it’s a popular form of fan labor since the upgrowth of internet. This form of work is rarely commissioned or authorized by the original work’s creater or publisher, and is rarely professionally published. (Although there are some exceptions… For example 50 Shades of Grey was a fanfiction inspired on Twilight.) When a work of fanfiction is published, the author’s are legally asked to change the names of the characters due to copyright infringement.

Also fanfiction is normally defined as being both related to its subject’s canonical fictional universe and simultaneously existing outside it. The most popular websites to read fics are FanFiction.net and Archive of Our Own and there you can find fics to every person… You have big ones or small ones, chaptered, with explicit content or just fluff, with any kind of sexuality or pairings, etc.

Now that I explained a little bit what fanfiction is, I just have to say that usually the people that look for these type of work are fans that try to fulfill a desire to see different sides of their favorite characters but also to satisfy a need of closer. For example, in my case I began to read fics just because I didn’t like the end of a tv show I watched. There was something missing that made me look for fanfiction where I could close that chapter. Also there are a lot of people that resort to this type of reading because they ship a pair that isn’t canon.

For writers working on these fics is an opportunity to put out there their opinion or how they envisioned a story to end. It’s their chance to express themselves! For readers it’s an even bigger opportunity to read some amazing work… Some of these fics can even be better than some books out there! I know I’ve read my share of brilliant fics that not only made me smile, but also cry and learn about incredible issues. Like politics, sexuality, the music industry, mental illness and others. It’s just a good way to not only read your favorite characters/people fall in love or live their lifes but also to learn about all these important stuff because writers do some intense investigation on these issues.

For me I just like the experience of reading a good story… It doesn’t matter to me if it’s canon or headcanon… If it’s an alternative universe or just real life. I like the chance to read the evolution of my favorite character/people and just get involved with them! I’m proud to say that I’ve read bigger stories than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and in less time. Now I read mostly fics pairing two musicians (H&L always!) and it has been like that for two years… Sometimes I read fics from other fandoms, but I always keep coming back to one particular fandom because it’s something real and tangible.

Also it’s so important to show support to the thousands of writers out there that spend their free time writing stories and giving life to our beloved characters. Keep up the good work and don’t feel ashamed to show your work to others… Worst case scenario they don’t like it, but the important thing is that you write for yourself.

So now after all is said and done I’m gonna go back to my fics… Feel free to visit these two websites I recommended if you want to explore this side of fan work. I promise you that no matter the fandom or the pairing you’ll find some fic to read and to get addicted to. Be prepared to explore all of your emotions 😉