The Foxes

Another month and I got yet another trilogy of books to share with you. This time it’s a trilogy called All for the Game by Nora Sakavic. This trilogy is divided in The Foxhole Court, The Raven King and The King’s Man. I discovered them once again through Tumblr and a friend made me read them! She said to me: “If I had to go through this pain, you’ll do it too!” Yeah we really like to suffer…

So what are these books about? Without spoiling to much I’ll just say that these books are about Neil Josten and his obsession with Exy… It’s really more than that, it’s about friendship, family and self-discovery. But the first chapter shows us a tired Neil after a game of exy that gets the proposal of his life… To keep playing exy in Palmetto State University! But you see Neil is on the run from his father since he was 10 years old and his mother died to protect him, so he can’t just simple go play for a university and have his face on tvs all over the country. Most of all he doesn’t want to play in the same team as Kevin Day (a person that remembers him of his past as The Butcher’s son) and Andrew Minyard (a guy that has some serious psychological problems and has a tendency to be violent). Well, Neil just wanted to be selfish for a while and took the proposal to play exy there!

But what is exy you ask? I’m gonna describe this like my friend did to me… It’s a violent sport close to lacrosse, played in a football (soccer) field and enclosed like in ice hockey! Each team has six players on the field: a goalkeeper, two backliners, a dealer and two strikers. To enter the Foxes team there is a catch… Every single one of them were chosen because they had some trouble/problem in their past like violence, drugs, alcohol, etc. They’re coach, Wymack, just wanted to give a second chance to those who were left behind or didn’t have any support from their families. So the foxes team is constitued by: Andrew Minyard and Renee Walker as goalkeepers; Nicky Hemmick, Aaron Minyard (twin brother of Andrew) and Matt Boyd as backliners; Dan Wilds and Allison Reynolds as dealers; and Kevin Day, Neil Josten and Seth Gordon as strikers.


These are the main characters of the story! This story will tell you their goals, their disappointments, their secrets and their strengh to overcome difficulties. They will have lots of enemies along the way… Sometimes even themselves! But maybe all they needed was a boy to unite them, to make them have a common goal and just fight until their last breath for what they wanted.

Yes of course there isn’t only pain in these books. There are good moments and a boy that gains a family that will protect him at all costs. There is some romance, mainly queer and lots of character development. But there is also lots of violence and lies. For every good thing that happens, two bad things will happen! When I finished the first book I realised that bad things would keep happening until the last chapter of book three… I thought I was ready! But somethings always catched me by surprise!

If you saw me reading I’d be smiling like a crazy person and in the next second I’d have my hand in my mouth and I was crying silently. All of these characters had demons and all of them had their ups and downs… But there was no one that could cause you more pain than Neil with his sassy mouth that would cause him big troubles and Andrew that was so high on pills that he simply couldn’t be himself. You get to know them and you basically fall in love so easily! I didn’t even realised it until the first tragedy happened and I was already so involved with them. I was crying for them and I was laughing with them!

With all this said, I’m gonna recommend this trilogy to everybody and their mothers! It’s a trilogy that will get you hooked and that it’ll most definitely cause you pain. You have to be ready for it and let yourself feel it all! You’ll get all momma bear with these characters and you’ll suffer with them. But if you have triggers for violence, drugs, alcohol and rape maybe try another thing because this story isn’t for you! So I’ll only say one last thing that it was the first thing that I asked my friend after she described these books to me… Yes, it has a happy ending! It’ll take some time, but it’s going to be a good thing 🙂

P. S. Also if you read them and are curious to know more about this world the author Nora Sakavic has a blog with extra content. And there is this amazing fanfiction called Lessons in Cartography that it’s basically the 4th book of the series that will make you very happy.

P. S. S. I’m waiting for Netflix to pick up these books and make them into a series with Troye Sivan as Neil Josten, by the way!


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