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So I’ve been away for a while, but I was busy finishing some books I had to read… As the title of this post suggests, I’ve been reading “The Shadowhunters Chronicles”. After six books and more or less 5 months of intensive reading (yeah I know i was a bit slow, but I had other things to do and read!), I finally finished yesterday.

I’ve some mixed feelings about it, you see. Like I only started reading because my friend Kati said that I’d like it and the tv show was about to start so I wanted to know the story. And what a wild ride! There were some good moments, but also some eye rolling moments. But overall it’s a good universe that was created. (I don’t know exactly by who since Cassandra Clare was accused of plagiarism for some books she wrote). I was pretty excited with the promise of nephilim, angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, faries and warlocks.

Let’ start with the beggining… I already said that I loved the universe and it was very interesting how all these different type of people interacted. But what really shocked me in the end was that the most interesting characters, the ones with more history, were not the main characters. It wasn’t Clary and Jace that made me devour the books… It was Magnus, Alec, Isabelle, Simon and Maia.

In the first book I was a little fascinated with Jace and even Clary was cute, but after the second book it was just another impossible romance between them. Clary had some girl power don’t get me wrong and she saved all of them, but the girls that made me feel more power were Isabelle and Maia. These two didn’t get the recognition they deserved… Both were very strong female characters that got put behind Clary. Both were fighters that lost almost everything! And poor Simon too that had the full potential to be a main character since the first book but only got recognition in the last three books. He was transformed into a vampire and it was very hard for him to fit in the Downworlders, but in the end the author took the easy way out. Dear Simon made a bargain with a demon to save his friends and forgot who they were. So sad! His relationship with Izzy will never be same even though he remembers somethings thanks to Magnus.

And don’t get me started on Magnus and Alec. Magnus is an ancient warlock with so much life experience! I was a little shocked he wasn’t given some time in the books. He was always treated like a secondary character and the author started to write his story so many times, but then at the last minute she cut out the supply! And Alec, dear lovely Alec… He was a guy that was starting to feel more for his bff and for this new warlock he met, but you can’t even read his struggle. It’s there and you can feel it so many times, but it makes me sad that it was put under the rug! Like how in the last two books you realise his father has been pretty awful to him because he was gay, but then in the last chapter it was like the author took the easy way out. I needed more from these two (thank god for fanfiction!).

Other characters too made me sad that were gone (Max, Amatis, etc.) and others didn’t get the ending they deserved! The Blackthornes for example they lose everything in the end and you get the feeling that they deserved more. They deserved that the Clave rescued their brother and that their sister could be with them. It was sad that the author started so many interesting plots and then left them! There were also details that could have been more explored…

But I got to say that what fascinated me in the end was how the villains were basically perfect for the story. Valentine, his son Jonathan aka Sebastian, and even the Seelie Queen fitted like a glove. You were until the last book to make an opinion on the Seelie Queen, but with Valentine and Sebastian you could tell that they’re pure evil. Although Sebastian wasn’t like that by choice, it was how Valentine raised him and the demon blood that circulated in his veins. Overall great characters that had what they deserved in the end, except the Seelie Queen that you never figure out what happened to her. She literally disappeared from the books after one chapter. What really happened to her?!

Also, the politics behind the books were brilliant really. The way the different factions of the society were treated and how the Clave ruled were really interesting. Some bad political decisions and probably not the best method to make some decisions, but I liked how the Clave inclunded warlocks, werewolves, vampires and even faeries in their Consul in the 3rd book. It was really interesting to see the prejudice that they had against each other, but also to see that in the end when needed they helped each other to defeat a common enemy. (And just for the record Magnus was right about the faeries, Consul!) And I liked that in the end of the book it really didn’t matter anymore if a shadowhunter was in a relationship with a warlock or a vampire. They got over it and accepted that it’ll always happen!

So, in the end, I liked the books and they’re pretty interesting. The author should have done more for some characters, but we can’t ever be fully happy about a book or a show if it wasn’t us that wrote it. Once again, thank god for fanfiction that is going to be my main source for the unfinished business, and now off to read “The Bane Chronicles” to know more about Magnus (fave character, probably!). Also I’m excited to see how the tv show is going to continue now 😉


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