Music of the month: February

I know february ended a few days ago but I was a little busy so I couldn’t do this post sooner. Once again, and as I did last month, I’m gonna make a little review of new music/artists I heard last month. As last month, these bands two of these bands were suggested by friends: Twenty One Pilots and Counterfeit. The other was a band that I wanted to hear for a long time, Augustana.

To start in an alphabetic order, Augustana is going first… Harry Styles told me to check them out and well I had to do it! This american rock band has already released five albums and an EP. But they’re known for songs like Boston and Fire. Only Dan Layus currently remains on the band, but i really love their music. I like the chill rock and the sound of their music. And the lyrics are super awesome! Some of their songs are even part of soundtracks for tv shows, so that’s why for me some of their songs were recognizable. I’m sad that a lot of people don’t know them because they are really good, so go check them out!


Next up is Counterfeit… This is a new band english punk rock band formed only last year by actor Jamie Campbell Bower. He is the lead vocalist and guitarist but is also accompanied by Tristan Marmont (guitarist), Roland Johnson (bassist), Sam Bower (guitarist) and Jimmy Craig (drummer). Although they’re not signed yet, they have already toured internationally and their debut EP Come Get Some was released on November 2015. Their songs are really interesting and I really like their sound… It takes me back in time to my teenage years, and I’m very curious to what they’re going to do with a solid album. This is a band to look out for!


Lastly but not least there is Twenty One Pilots… This american musical duo was formed in 2009 and consists of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. They have released four albums, two self-released and the others released by Fueled. When you listen to them you can expect rock missed with rap and so many emotions that I can’t even tell you! Their songs are poetry-based and their fans labeled their sound as “Schizophrenic pop”. I was really curious about them because their fan base is really growing… I wanted to see if there was really something there! I was blown away… These two are really good and mix all these genres that make them more interesting to a new public. You can expect some piano, synthesizer, drums, vocals and, sometimes, even an ukulele. They deserve a listen!


Okay my little review is done… I hope you check all these bands out because they’re really good! If you have more suggestions to me, just leave them on the comments below 🙂


Author: mycrazylittlethoughtsblog

Rita, 24 years old and from Portugal! I have a master degree in Communications with an especialization in Public Relations and Advertising. I also have a lot of different interests!

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