Love is all around us… Or not!


Oh it’s that time of the year again… Valentine’s Day! A day where everybody is all lovey dovey and the love is in the air! This time of the year couples just show the love they feel for each other and engage on some romantic activities: candle light dinners, chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, jewellery, etc. Everybody is feeling the love!

Well not everybody… For some people like myself, Valentine’s Day is just another random day of the year where you’re single. Don’t get me wrong I think you should celebrate the love you feel for another person… I just don’t think that you need a specific day to do that! You should always demonstrate love towards someone…

Maybe you’re reading this and calling me cynical and that I’m only saying this because I don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend to share it with. But the truth is I think this day is a little over-rated. I think if you truly love somebody, you don’t need a day to show them that… Show them everyday with simple actions! You don’t need to buy a big rock to a woman or anything, just make her feel loved. The same thing goes with man! Just enjoy the time you have together… But if it makes you happy to celebrate this day then go for it! I know that Portugal really needs this crazy consumerism to make our economy grow!

As for me I’m gonna be a bit more cynical and spend this day watching those movies that never get old (Love Actually is really waiting for me)! So have a Happy Valentine’s Day if you have a soulmate to share it with! But if you’re as alone as I am then just enjoy yourself, eat some chocolate, watch some movies and buy yourself a present! Today I saw somebody say on Tumblr that this day is not only for couples, is a day for you to show love for yourself and to be happy! So that’s what I intend to do 🙂



Author: mycrazylittlethoughtsblog

Rita, 24 years old and from Portugal! I have a master degree in Communications with an especialization in Public Relations and Advertising. I also have a lot of different interests!

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