Music of the month: January

I LOVE MUSIC! Like I’m always listening to music in a lot of situations… When I’m showering, studying, reading, in a trip, writing, drawing, etc. I love to hear my favorite artists and their songs that inspire me and make me happy or help me through a situation! But what I love the most is to discover new music.

So in this blog I’ll do like a monthly review of artists or bands that I heard in that month. For january I heard three artists that have been talked about in the internet and that some friends encouraged me to hear. Halsey, Jamie Lawson and Troye Sivan.

First let’s talk about this lady that is defying society with her opinions and her great music… Halsey is an american singer and songwriter that recently released her first studio album, Badlands. With only 21 years old, this woman is described by the musical world as an electropop artist and her first album is an “angry female record”. I have to say that her music really impressed me! I’m not that much into electronic music, but the lyrics of her songs are really good. You have songs about relationships, like “Ghost”. But then you have a song about the counterculture in the United States, like “New Americana”. And my favorite music, “Colors” is really about the color blue and how the singer feels about the energy of the color. So you should definitely give it a listen because it can really surprise you!


Moving on, let’s talk about Jamie Lawson! Jamie is a british singer-songwriter that was the first artist to be signed by Ed Sheeran record label, Gingerbread Man Records. This means that although Lawson had already debuted two studio albums, his popularity abroad began in 2015 when he was signed by Ed. Then he re-released his single “Wasn’t Expecting That” and released a self-titled album. Last year he also supported Sheeran on some concerts of his X Tour and One Direction on their UK and Ireland leg of On the Road Again Tour. When I first listened to him on the radio, my first thought was “WOW! I love this song!”. After some time I realised it was Jamie, the guy that Ed Sheeran was always talking about with so much pride. I liked his album and his genre is really my thing, so I’m really excited to hear his future work and I really “Wasn’t Expecting That”.


Last but not least, Troye Sivan. I was really hesitant in listening to his new album “Blue Neighbourhood”. Don’t get me wrong, but I was a little afraid what I would hear from a 19 years old boy. But it was interesting! Troye is a south african-born australian actor, singer, songwriter and youtuber and his music genre is considered something like “lyrical ambient electronic dance-pop”. Once again, I’m not a big fan of electronic but I got really curious about this boy after I saw some images of the music video trilogy he released with a continuous theme entitled Blue Neighhbourhood that had such a strong message. I really liked “Wild”, “Fools” and “Talk Me Down” and the story that he told me about this relationship between two male childhood friends that turn lovers. It shows us what some people have to fight in order to truly be themselves. So I got curious to listen to the rest… It’s good for a young boy and he really has a lot of talent. And if someone likes this genre it’s always a good listening!



So what do you think? Will  you give it a listen? Or do you have some suggestions for my next music review? Leave it on the comments below 🙂



Author: mycrazylittlethoughtsblog

Rita, 24 years old and from Portugal! I have a master degree in Communications with an especialization in Public Relations and Advertising. I also have a lot of different interests!

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