NO!? Why did you cancel it?

I love to see tv shows from all different genres like comedy, drama, action, science-fiction… But what I hate is when I get super involved with the story and the characters and then out of nowhere the show is cancelled! And I hate it more when they don’t give a proper ending to the story. Many of these shows are cancelled because their ratings aren’t that good, but you have to remember the devoted fans and give us a good ending! So these are my fave tv shows that got cancelled way to early and some I even miss.

Happy Endings


The story of the crazy adventures of six best friends living in Chicago: married couple, businessman Brad and his neurotic perfectionist wife Jane; crazy Alex owner of a boutique and Jane’s sister; daydreamer Dave, who has a food truck and used to be engaged to Alex; lazy manchild Max, who can’t keep a job; and single Penny who is afraid to be forever alone and is on a search for Mr. Right. This show was a comedy and very similar to Friends or HIMYM, but it was a fun show to watch. The last episode of the show ended with a clifhanger and we’ll never know what happened to these crazy friends.

Pushing Daisies


This show centers itself on the life of Ned, a pie-maker, that was gifted with the mysterious ability to bring people/animals back from the dead by touching them. Although his gift came with some conditions, for example if something is revived for more than one minute, a similar life close to him will drop dead to balance the universe. The story starts when he brings back from the dead Chuck, his childhood sweetheart and together with a detective they solve crimes. This show had so much to give and I was really sad when it ended. They should bring it back or do a movie!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Everybody knows a little bit about Terminator because of the movies and although I didn’t like them, I loved the show. The story was set in 1999 when Sarah and her son John are visited by Cameron, a Terminator that has been re-programmed to protect John. They are running from other Terminator, Cromartie, that was sent back to kill John, and also by an FBI Agent James Ellison, who believes that Sarah is an insane criminal. To run from Cromartie they have to jump to 2007. This show was set to have another season, so 2nd season ended with a major clifhanger that set John in the future reuniting with his father, uncle and a human Cameron.



This show only had 8 episodes before it was cancelled but had an interesting plot. The story focused on the Valentine family, a group of gods living amongst humans. They had to hide their true identities and do whatever it took to bring soulmates together. In modern times, the gods’ techniques weren’t working and unless they improved their matchmaking skills they would end up mortals. The goddess Aphrodite then decided to recruit a romance novelist to help them. I really like mythical stories so I was sad that this show didn’t have enough ratings to stay.

Veronica Mars


The plot of this show was about Veronica Mars, a student who gets inspired by her detective father, and goes from high school to university while also being a private investigator. In each episode, Veronica would solve a different crime or case while working to solve a more complex mystery, the death of her best friend. The show was really good but got cancelled with another major cliffhanger ending. Although the fans had better luck this time, because 2 years ago a movie was released that gave us some closer! The producers and actors were so sad that the show ended that way, that they did a crowdfunding iniciative to make the movie.


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Rita, 24 years old and from Portugal! I have a master degree in Communications with an especialization in Public Relations and Advertising. I also have a lot of different interests!

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