Powerful Ads

People say that an image is worth more than a thousand words… And in that way a communication campaign with a powerful image and message can help bring attention to some social issues that need to be discussed by society.

Every single one of us can remember an Ad or a PR campaign that shocked or impressed us for its powerful meaning… For me, I’ll always remember Benetton ads that tried to fight against racial discrimination or WWF campaigns that tried to stop the degradation of natural habitats.


But there are more companies or organizations that try to raise awareness to other issues like gender and sexual discrimination, domestic violence, poverty and hunger, dangerous driving or even the ease with which a child can get a gun in America.

For example, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a movement that mobilizes moms and families to advocate for stronger gun laws, created a lot of interesting campaigns along the years, but this one just stayed on my mind… Because in America they don’t sell a Kinder egg chocolate to protect children, but they have easy access to a gun.


Another example was a campaign developed by UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, that wanted to show us that women need to be seen as equals. This ad was made with women of several nationalities that suffer different oppressions in their countries.

UN-Women-Ad-4_495x700 jpg

Here are some examples that show the work that organizations and movements do to bring some issues to the front of the political and social sphere. There is always something we can do, even just help sharing these kind of campaigns in our different social media…

From there we just have to take action and support these movements with simple things. Just help your neighbor complaint about an abusive family! Don’t harm your dog or your cat! Treat with respect people with a different sexuality, gender or race! And help create a healthy environment for us to live in!


Author: mycrazylittlethoughtsblog

Rita, 24 years old and from Portugal! I have a master degree in Communications with an especialization in Public Relations and Advertising. I also have a lot of different interests!

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