Big Opening of MCLT

YEAHHHHH! Welcome to my new blog My Crazy Little Thoughts 😀

This first blog is just to tell you how this little personal blog is going to work… I’ll write something posts about anything and everything that comes to my mind! My wildest thoughts or just simple and serious stuff. The main themes will be about music, tv shows, movies, books, social issues, PR moves, etc.

I’ll try to post something 2 to 3 times per week, but if I get time I will do it more times. I will update it, normally, at tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays/sundays! 🙂

Anytime you want you should comment on any post and just talk freely, but don’t be disrespectful towards me. If you have something to say I will listen, but with respect.

I have some ideas for this blog, but I’ll reveal them in time… If you have ideas of stuff you want me to see/read/write just comment on a post and I’ll try to do it 🙂

So, I hope you like my blog and that you like the things I write.

All the love, R.


Author: mycrazylittlethoughtsblog

Rita, 24 years old and from Portugal! I have a master degree in Communications with an especialization in Public Relations and Advertising. I also have a lot of different interests!

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